Is your wig or hair system losing hair?

No worries! I can fill it back in for you!

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Hair Add

It's normal for wigs and hair systems to lose hair. This does not mean you need to replace your system. If the base of your system is still in good condition, hair can be added at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Base Repair

Lace, monofilament, and polyurethane bases can become weak or damaged during the life of your wig or hair system. It could make sense to patch it rather than replace it. I can also replace broken clips, elastic, and silicone.  


Cleaning and Styling

Synthetic hair tends to get dull, lifeless, frizzy over time. No worries! Proper cleaning and restyling can bring it back to life!


Special Occassions

Do you have a big event and need your wig to look extra fabulous?!? I can transform your everyday wig into a special wig for the night.

Extra Services

Please call with any inquiries that do not appear on this page. 

Just because its not here does not mean I can't do it!

This could include wig build, weddings, photo shoots, facial hair construction, show hair, drag hair, etc.  

About Me

Siobian (pronounced Shavon)

I have 15 years experience in many areas of the hair industry. I started working in an Aveda salon where I was the in-salon hair cutting educator.  I then went on to pursue my dream of working in theatre. I learned to make wigs while working at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I then moved to Las Vegas where I began working with Cirque Du Soleil. In between shows, I work as a hair system and wig stylist as well as a repair tech. 

Painted by my grandmother, Betty

I stand behind my work and I am open to your feedback

I view feedback as a gift of growth. If you are happy with my work, I'd love to hear about it. If you want something to change, lets talk about it. This communication allows me to serve you better. Please reach out via the 'Contact Me' section below.

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Siobian (Shavon)